Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guiding Light (daily drama that's not mine!)

There has been something that has been with me for my entire life, maybe even before my little sisters, and I've let it slip in the past 15 years or so. It left two other times, but came back with tv rooms in the Illini Union and then the invention of the VCR. I tried bringing it back into my life several years ago, but a cloning issue with Reva just made it too ridiculous to consider. But now, Phillip Spaulding is back from the dead after five years away, and I may come back too. Yes, I'm talking about my soap, the Guiding Light. How have I lived without the Bauers and the Lewises and the Spauldings for so long? I showed a copied video to one of my classes last week and at the beginning of the tape was a little piece of a GL from the 80's, one of the golden ages of the show, oh the memories. Oh how I looked forward to the love between Beth and Phillip (did you know he saved her from the terrible sexual abuse of her stepfather?). Times have changed. You can even watch episodes of the show right on your computer even if you don't have DVR, which I don't. To celebrate Phillip's return, the show's website has clips available of all the past segments of Phillip's life-very fun stuff for us old people. Gosh I forgot about Dr. Marler and Jackie and Elizabeth (Phillip's real mother and the namesake of Lizzie). There was even a clip of the fight between Phillip and Beth's stepfather, the evil Bradley Raines. Yesterday, Phillip returned to the show. And I saw it. I was lucky enough to be home sick-I'm always sick now, I think I have gall bladder problems. Of course, in typical soap style, they waited until the final seconds of the show for his return. They had advertised that "the return of Phillip Spaulding" would be February 9, so all of us soap fanatics were sitting on the edges of our seats (or our bedpans) to see it. Yes, he's back, and maybe I am too. I need a little more drama in my life (yeah right).
Regarding that gall bladder thing...I went to the doc yesterday, had some tests, more today and more Friday. Until then, no milk products, no fat, and only small amounts of food at a time. In other words, don't eat anything I like. The good news is I've lost ten pounds in three weeks. I may need to stay sick for another twenty pounds worth. I may have to. It's really not fun.
Okay, one more thing, or two. Who can forget the evil Roger???? That was the best storyline of all. And do you remember that Kevin Bacon used to play TJ Werner? Just had to get that in. Sometimes it's just fun to realize that my life really isn't as bad as a soap opera!

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