Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Observational Drawing 2

Observation drawing lesson

Today we did our first observation drawing using a lesson posted by Lori on the Camp Creek Press Blog. Lori suggested that we use plain white paper and only a pencil (no eraser) to start. We chose a common object that had interesting detail. The first thing I noticed was Nemo, who was waiting to go back to school with Mikayla. Above is a photo of Nemo and a scan of Mikayla's first observation drawing. She put more detail into the drawing than I ever thought she would. We both noticed so many things about the toy that we had not before. I drew along with her and she pointed out aspects of Nemo that I had not noticed. We then pointed out various other aspects for each other as we drew. She did, however, use the eraser on her pencil once or twice. She also added a spider drawing which you can see on the top left of the page (not from observation, thankfully!), and made sure to count the legs to make sure there were eight. Her next drawing was of my Croc shoe. She was very interested in the detail of the flower jibbit on the shoe as she is very into drawing flowers. She was not particular about showing the holes. I actually think she was tired of drawing at this point. I will post pictures of this later.